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Mango Jam | Microwave Recipes

Mango Jam | Microwave Recipes
Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook time:12 minutes
Serves: ½ bottle
Mango Jam is a form of preserving mangoes, when they are plenty in season, In Lucknow we have lots of Dusheri Mangoes from Malihabad, a very sweet variety of mango. Packed Jams are prepared with preservatives so that they will last long, but as far as home food preservation is concerned we use sugar, salt and vinegar for preserving pickles, jams and murrabas. I have tried this recipe in Microwave and turn out good, hence sharing with you. Usually pectin is used for thickening jams and jellies, in this recipe I have not used pectin but you can use 1 tablespoon if you like thick consistency as packed jam. In microwave it is easy to prepare any recipe, power levels and timing is very important in microwave cooking, if you have command over it, than you can convert any stove cook recipe to its microwave version. The best part of microwave cooking according to me it that color of fruit or veggies remains the same, they are not distorted after cooking. Let’s come to the recipe, ingredients required and detailed instructions for preparing jam in Microwave and detailed pictorial instructions for the recipe are as follows
sugar-1/2 cup
lemon juice- of 2 lemons

Peel and chop mangoes.
Blend them with hand blender or puree it in grinder.
Take a microwave safe bowl, pour mango pulp and add sugar to it, mix well.
Place it in Microwave and Micro high (in mine’s it is 850 Watts)for 2 minutes with lid uncovered.

Remove it from microwave, sugar is dissolved mix well, add lemon juice to it.
Again Microhigh for 2 minutes.
Set the power levels to 600 Watts( or its nearest) micro wave it for 6 minutes, stir once after every 2 minutes you have to stir it 3 times, so that it mix well and cook properly.

Do the Plate test( a method for checking whether Jam is ready or not) Place a drop of mixture in the centre of plate, check its consistency if its flowing downwards then it is not prepared yet
Micro high(850 watts)it again for 2 minutes again.
Do the plate test again usually it will stick to plate, this means it is ready, if not cook for another minute or two. Depending upon the power levels time may vary from minute or two.
1 This jam can be prepared on normal gas stove too. Take sugar , mango pulp and lemon juice in a wide pan, cook on high flame, as it starts boiling adjust flame to medium to low, stirring continuously cook till it is thick, check it by performing plate test. While performing plate test the portion of jam should be cool enough  or you can say it should be on room temperature .
Store this jam in refrigerator, I have not used it more than 2 weeks, prepare it in small quantity and enjoy different flavors.
I have not tried cooking this jam in microwave safe glass bowl, for long time cooking I always use plastic bowls.
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