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Green garlic stuffed parathas are slightly bitter or you can say strong in taste, but as far as health benefits are concerned green garlic should be included in diet, as it is available only in winter season, I try to make maximum use of it in different types of recipes like pulao, gravy dishes and in some Chinese dishes and soups. Like my husband if you are not comfortable with the strong taste of garlic you can take ½ portion of garlic and ½ coriander leaves or green onion stems, they moderate the strong taste of garlic. The detailed recipe is as below:
recipe for making green garlic paratha, indian flat bread
Wheat flour: 2 cups
Garlic stems: ½ cup
Coriander leaves: ½ cup
Ginger : ½ “ piece, grated
Amchur powder: ½ teaspoon
Black pepper powder : ½ teaspoon
Salt: to taste
Chaat masala : ½ teaspoon
Oil : 2 tablespoon
water: As required for kneading the dough
Chop garlic and coriander wash them thoroughly, squeeze out excess water. Place grated ginger, garlic and coriander in grinder jar, don’t add water to it, grind it for few seconds, open the lid mix it and again grind it for approx 10 seconds. Mixture should be dry you don’t have to make a puree of it
Remove it from grinder jar to a strainer, with the help of spoon squeeze all water from it and collect it in a bowl.
step by step instructions for making green garlic paratha
With this water knead the dough, you can add more water to if required. Make a soft dough.
Take a ball of dough, roll out a small chapati, apply oil to it, sprinkle salt, amchur powder, chaat masala to it, add one 1 to ½ teaspoon of garlic coriander mixture in the center of it, Pull the edges of paratha to wrap the filling. Quickly roll out paratha with light hands.
Cook paratha on hot griddle from both sides by appling some oil to it, till it is completely cooked and golden brown in color. If you wish you can apply butter to it, serve hot with tea or any other accompaniment of your choice.
squeeze water from garlic and coriander mixture as much as you can, if the mixture is moist it will be difficult for you to roll out parathas.
Salt quickly causes mixture to wet, hence it is essential to quickly roll out paratha.
Alternately instead of sprinkling salt to paratha you can add salt to the dough while kneading.

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