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Kachouri is my favourite recipe for every festival,  occasionally I make it on holidays. This is best served with aalo wadi ki subji or simply with Meethi Chutney as an evening snack.
dal stuffed kachouris indian snacks recipe
The ingredients required and procedure for kachouri is as follows:
For coating:
Refined flour (Maida) ½ kg.
Oil : 3 tbspns for kneading(extra for frying and roasting daal masala)
Salt : to taste.
Ajwain: 1/2 teaspoon.
For stuffing:
Moongdal (green split): ½ cup
Urad Dal (green split): ½ cup (mix both dals and soak overnight)
Ingredients for Masala:
Fennel seeds: 1 tablespoon
Jeera(cumin seeds) : 1 tablespoon
Whole red chillies: 8-10
Peppercorns: 8-10
Cloves 4-6.
Salt to taste
Hing ½ teaspoon
Amchur powder : 2 teaspoons
green chillies : 4-5,
Green coriander : finely chopped 2 tablespoon
Take maida, salt ajwain and 3 tablespoons of oil in a bowl rub well till crumb like consistency , knead stiff dough with cold or chilled water. Cover the dough with damp cloth and let is rest for ½ an hour.
Drain water from soaked daals, grind them without using water, the consistency should be thick,(coarse) some pieces of dals may remain ungrinded.(vegetable chopper is best for grinding)
Dry roast all the ingredients for Masala on gridle (from fennel seeds to cloves) till nice aroma. Let them cool and grind to coarse powder.
In a heavy bottomed pan ( non stick will be easy or regular kadhai is ok.) heat one tablespoon oil add hing to it, as it cooked add grounded masala powder, salt and daals mix well , low the flame cover the pan , stir occasionally in between (removing the mixture from the base of the pan) till mixture is light brown in color this will take 10-12 minutes. When mixture is ready add amchur powder green chilles and coriander mix well and let is cool.
Method for rolling kachouris:
Divide dough in equal portions, roll out thick puris, place 2 teaspoon of stuffing in each puri Pull the edges of puris to wrap the dal filling.(like daal filled balls) Repeat the same process with the remaining dough portions.
Let the puris sit for 3 to 4 minutes before rolling.
Take filled puri on your rolling pin for flat surface with the joining side up, with the help of your palm, gently flatten them in circle.
Heat sufficient oil in frying pan on medium heat, drop 3 to 4 kachouris at a time, on medium to low heat fry them till they are golden brown in color from both sides.
Notes: : As daals are soaked overnight they are cooked easily, grinding without water helps in roasting the mixture as it stick less to the pan(using non stick pan there is no problem in roasting)
Dough is kneaded with chilled/cold water cause kachouris to puff up.
Shaping kachouris with the help of your palms prevents mixture to come out from kachouris and can spoil the oil.
In the same manner your can prepare aaloo ki kachouri , stuffed with boiled potatoes mixture, In Northern India it is very popular breakfast dish.

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