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Sindhi Kachri | Sun Dried Recipes

sindhi recipe made with rice flour, sun dried recipe
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 4 days
Sindhi Kachri is a sun dried snack recipe, prepared with rice flour or soaked rice, which is further deep fried. Sindhis’ love fried snacks kachri and khichas are very popular among sindhis. This recipe requires maximum amount of Sun’s heat, for perfect results minimum 4 days are required for proper drying of kachri, first 2 days are very important, entire look and taste depends on first 2 days sun drying. Kachri goes well with evening tea or any other meal course. I have tried to roast it in Microwave but instead of properly puffing up it get burnt hence not suggesting you to prepare it for microwave. Its’ natural design and look comes perfect when it is deep fried. In this recipe I have used rice flour you can prepared it with soaked rice too. Ingredients required and detailed instructions for this recipe are as follows :
Rice flour: 2 cups(300gms approx)
Water – 5glasses
Salt –to taste
Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda-2 teaspoon
Alum or phitkari- 2 pinches
Cumin seeds: 1 teaspoon
Instructions: In a big bowl take 2 glasses of water, take a flour strainer, pour rice flour over it, strain it in a bowl with 2 glasses of water and with the help of skimmer or spatula continuously mix the flour with water, you can see the consistency of mixture in a picture. If required you can add ½ glass extra water.(it depends upon the quality of rice flour how much water it soaks).

In another heavy bottom pan take 3 glasses of water, add salt to it, and bring it to boil, as water starts boiling add baking soda and alum to it immediately pour the rice batter to it. Set the flame to medium , from this stage you have to continuously mix the batter, it will start thickening and lumps may be formed if not mixed properly.

When mixture reaches to the consistency as shown in figure switch off the flame, it will form the shape of soft dough, let it cool completely. Add cumin seeds to it mix it gently, if you add them before cumin seeds will leave its color. Spread kachris on high Sun heat preferably on terrace. Spread kachris on plastic sheet as you pour batter of pakodas in kadhai with the help of you fingers and thumb.
For the first 2 days high heat is necessary otherwise you will not get the particular slit patterns of kachri. On the remaining 2 days you can dry them in balcony too. Store them in air tight container.
After proper drying kachris will look like this:
Notes: Always add baking soda and alum to the boiling water just before adding rice flour batter to it, if you add them initially in water and let them boil kachris color will be become brown and they will not puff up properly .
If you are preparing it with rice, wash and soak rice early in a morning, in evening change the water, grind it on next day, keep it for at least 2 hours then do the remaining process.
If preparing for the first time try it with only 1 cup of rice flour.
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