Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gur Ka Paratha

Gur or jaggery is warm in nature and is healthy to have it in winter season. Gur can be used in various ways in our meal but for daily intake of it , paratha is one of the easiest option for me. Grated jaggery is stuffed in paratha, you can use a pinch of ajwain, saunf powder or grated almonds with jaggery, use only one ingredient at a time.Detailed procedure of the recipe is as follows:
recipe of making indian flat bread stuffed with jaggery, healthy recipe
Refined oil:  1 tablespoon
Kneaded dough for 4 paraths(normal chapati dough)
grated jaggery 2 tablespoon(1/2 is needed for each paratha)
1/2 teaspoon ajwain( or saunf powder or almonds)
step by step instructions for making jaggery or gur ka paratha, indian flat bread recipe
Roll out normal chapati, spread grated jaggery on 1/2 of the paratha, sprinke a pinch of ajwain on it, fold it in half circle. Press gently with your fingers to seal the edges. With the help of fork make a design on it, securing  the edges  will prevent jagery syrup to come out. Heat tawa on high flame, simmer the flame and cook from both sides till golden brown.


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