Saturday, July 9, 2011

Aam Papad Rolls

Ripe mango rolls, cooked and sun dried | Mango recipe
Aam Papad is a method of preserving ripe mangoes, there are too many methods of preserving raw mangoes : achar or kali khatai etc. When mangoes are available in abundance in market you can preserve them for further use. In Lucknow we have good quality mangoes at very affordable price. In this recipe I am making aam papad in roll shape, you can make them in different forms and with different fillings( desiccated coconut, gulukand or chaat masala etc.) Ingredients required for this recipe are:
Ripe mangoes: 4 Nos. big size (peeled and pulp extracted)
Sugar: 2 tablespoon
Green cardamom Powder: ½ teaspoon
Method: Take a big thali or tray, grease it properly with oil.
Puree mango pulp in grinder, In a non stick pan, (you can use your regular pan too) take all the ingredients, stirring continuously cook on medium heat till mixture is cooked, its color will change to golden , its consistency will be similar to jam and will reduce half to its original volume. Remove it from the heat, with the help of spatula spread the mixture evenly ,as thin as you can. The tray is to be placed under the heat of sun(dhoop) for a day. I use to make aam papad in early morning so that it will get whole day to set.In the evening check aam papad, it will dry, if there is moisture in it , let it dry for another day. With the help of sharp knife make marks on it and roll them tightly.Aam papad is ready. In an air tight container you can refrigerate it for months.
Take chaat masala in a small bowl, roll aam papad in it from all sides. You will get spicy, chatpata aam papad roll.


  1. I love aam papad.
    Is there any other way of drying it other than sun..because in Mumbai we don't have balconies and sunlight to dry things.

  2. shobha ji, if your microwave has a combination mode, preheat it on highest level for 2 minutes and then MW high for 3 minutes, remove from oven immediately, else rolls will become hard, you can also try drying them on a lowest power level in convetional oven,for 7-8 minutes

  3. wow this is such a interesting twist....luv this mango papad idea


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