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Chhunda is a gujarti recipe, a form of sweet & sour chutney traditionally it is prepared under the heat of sun for 8-10 days. I had tried this recipe in microwave and results came out excellent. Within 4-5 minutes it is prepared , you can make it at any time.recipe for making chhunda gujrati pickle in microwave
Ingredients required for this recipe are:
Raw mangoes: 1 kg ( peeled & grated)
Sugar: depends upon the quantity of grated mangoes you get after peeling , grating and discarding seeds. If you get 4 cups of grated mangoes, 3 cups of sugar will be sufficient, you can also follow 1:1 ratio, depending upon your taste.
Cumin seeds: 2 teaspoon
Pepper corns: 1 teaspoon
Salt : as per taste
Red chilli powder: 2 teaspoon
Almonds: (roasted and sliced) 2 tablespoon
Place almond on the turntable of microwave, micro high for one minute, turning it after 30 seconds, this will dry roast almonds, let them cool completely
Take grated mangoes and all other ingredients(except almonds) in a microwave safe bowl. Mix them well and leave this for 5 minutes, by this time sugar will start dissolving, Mix all the ingredients and Micro high for 2 minutes with lid covered.
Stir once and micro high for another 1 & ½ minutes. Check the consistency , if you want to thicken it micro high for another 30 seconds.
Remove it from oven don’t give any standing time.
Mix chopped almonds to it. Let it cool completely and store it in a glass jar for further use.

You can have chhunda with rotis, parathas or simply as a spread on bread slice.
Points to remember:
In microwave sugar cooks too fast, giving standing time may cause sugar to get burnt or ceremalise.
While cooking with lid covered the cooking material in the bowl should be below the ¾ level of bowl.


  1. Lovely preparation dear. Loved the idea of cooking it in a microwave.

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