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Gond(Edible Gum Crystals) Panjeeri Recipe with Video

step by step instructions with video of making gond panjeeri

Gond (Edible Gum Crystals)Panjeeri Recipe with Video
Prep Time:10 minutes
Cook time:35 minutes
Serves: 8servings
Gond panjeeri is basically very healthy Punjabi recipe loaded with dry dates, ghee, edible gum and dryfruits. . Sindhi’s call it kutti. This recipe is high in calories, in this recipe Gond (edible gum crystals) are deep fried and then added, but I have substituted this step in Microwave in which ghee is not required at all, hence reduce the amount of ghee. and calories as well.  Preparation is simple but time taking. Another recipe of edible gum crystals  in my blog is of Gond ke ladoo which is one the popular recipes of my blog. 
Here is the video of Gond Panjeeri. 
Ingredients required and detailed instructions for the recipe are as follows: Ingredients Ghee – 1 cup Wheat flour-2 cups Green cardamom- 6-8 Gond or edible gum crystals: 2 tablespoon Raisins 1 tablespoon Dry dates- 2 tablespoon Sugar-1 cup Dry coconut- 1 tablespoon(sliced) Almonds= 1 tablespoon(sliced) Instructions:
Roughly chop dates slices, place them in grinder till they are crushed properly. Place gum crystals on turntable, Micro high for 1 minutes, pieces will puff up, grind them in grinder and pass the mixture through thick strainer, this strained powder is to be used in panjeeri.(all pieces will be puffed up in 2 batches)
Chop almonds and slice dry coconut. Heat ¾ cup ghee in a kadhai add cardamom seeds to it, add wheat flour to it, mix well roast on medium to high flame stirring continuously for 3-4 minutes.
Set the flame to medium to low stirring continuously till it is golden in color, this will take approx 20-25 minutes for proper roasting.
While roasting add the remaining ghee spoon by spoon in between.
When panjeeri is golden in color add gumpowder, and all the remaining dry fruits. Finally add sugar to it, mix well and switch off the flame. Gond panjeeri is ready, you can store it for 15 days.
Hope you will like this recipe.Your suggestions and comments are valuable to me, and will help me improve further.


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