Thursday, April 21, 2011


recipe of pakori raita
Pakodi raita is also known as dahi phulki, a delicious accompainment with meal for summer. In this recipe I am using Amul buttermilk instead of curd, makes this recipe light. you can also replace amul buttermilk with curd according to your choice.
Besan : 1 cup
Amul butter milk : 500ml pack
water : required for mixing with besan
salt : as per taste
oil : for frying
roasted cumin powder: 2 teaspoon

red chillipowder: 1 teaspoon
garlic: 6-8 pods(crushed)
step by step process of making pakori raita
Method: Mix besan, salt and water, the mixture should not be of pouring consistency(it should be thick)
beat the mixture thoroughly, till it is light and fluffy.(to check that it is ready take a drop in glass of water if it floats than it is ready for perfect pakodi.)
heat oil in a shallow pan and deep fry small pakodis till light color,(as we fry pakodis for kadhi) drain on absorbent paper.
In a serving bowl pour amul buttermilk, add salt and crushed garlic, mix pakodis, sprinkle chilli and cumin powder, serve chilled as an accompainment with main dish.

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