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indian ice cream recipe served with vermicelli
home made kulfi is good option in summer. when you need soothing cool flavours . I am posting my shortcut version of kulfi (made with mishrambu badam shorbet or thandai)
For Sev
  • arrarout : 2 tablespoons
  • water : 1 cup
  • edible orange color: 3-4 drops
  • iced water : 1/2 litre
For almond crunch :
almonds: 12-15
sugar : 2 tablespoon
For kulfi:
amul full cream milk: 1/2 litres
everyday diarywhitener : 50 gms(to be dissolved in luke warm milk)
cornstarch: 1 tablespoon( to be dissolve in water)
mishrambu : 3 tablespoons( as this syrup is honey based hence sugar is not required but you can add as per your taste)
elaichi powder: 1/4 teaspoon
dry rose petals:  2teaspoons
sugar powder: if required(as per your taste)
For sev: dissolve ararout with water in a pan, add color, put on a medium  flame stirring constantly till the mixture is thicken and cooked, it will look transparent. when it is warm enough to handle with your hands. pass it through kitchen press and get the sev in  iced water.
for almond crunch:  get a greased plate ready, chop almonds roughly in 3-4 pieces each,  dissolve sugar in a pan on very low flame till it changes its color , nicely coat all the almond pieces with sugar and pour them in a greased plate let it cool completely, the process is same as we follow to prepare chikki. when it it set properly crush it in small pieces.
For Kulfi:
  • boil milk in a heave bottomed pan with cardamom powder, reduce the flame stir occasionally till it is reduced in volume and yellowish /pale in color.
  • mix dairy whitener and corn starch to the boiling milk and stirr regularly till mixture thickens, this will take about 5-6 minutes
  • let the mixture cool completely add rose pattels and mishrambu powder, and almond crunch to it.
  • check the sweetness of the mixture , add sugarpowder if desired as per taste.
  • pour the mixture in an airtight container and freeze it in refrigator for 5-6 hours/ till it sets.
for serving:
  • Demould kulfi, cut it into pieces cover it with sev.
Suggestion: you can pour one teaspoon of rooh afza syrup on it for a change of taste.
In order to avoid ice flakes in home made kulfi the mixture should be thick enough for setting, you can freeze the mixture in refrigrator when it is half set (approx 2 hours) blend it in a blender and than freeze it again, this will  prevent ice flakes to devlop.

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  1. Would want to try ur kulfi for sure...lets try it on sunday...problem is in bangalore not sure of thandai...will hv to check


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