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April 17, 2013
Punjabi fried bread recipe made with all purpose flour, semolina and curd

Bhaturas are usually served with chole, this is a fried bread recipe, made with all purpose flour, semolina and curd. Ingredients required and detailed instructions for the recipe are as follows

Prep Time: 4 Hours
Cook time: 25 minutes
Serves: 4
Maida or refined flour : 250 gms
sooji or semolina: 1 tablespoon
curd -1/2 cup
eno fruit salt: 1/2 sachet or 1/4 teaspoon
salt to taste
oil - 1 teaspoon for rubbing
oil for frying bhatura
water as required for kneading the dough
In a bowl add curd, maida , salt and sooji, sprinkle eno fruit salt over it evenly, mix well , gradually adding water knead a soft dough. apply one teaspoon of oil over it, cover it let it ferment for 3-4 hours. Knead the dough properly for one minute.
Heat sufficient oil in kadhai, take a ball of dough , on your rolling board apply oil, place dough ball in center, cover it with thin plastic sheet, with the help of rolling pin roll out bhatura as thin as you can.
Remove the plastic sheet, carefully take bhatura and fry it in hot oil, till pinkish in color from both sides.
Serve hot with punjabi chole.
For instant bhatura's instead of using eno fruit salt you can knead the dough with liquid soda as availabe in market.
instead of semolina you can use 1to 2 slices of bread also.
While frying with the help of frying spoon pour some hot oil over bhatura for proper frying.

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