Monday, May 20, 2013

Mango Shake

Mango Shake
May 20, 2013
recipe of preparing mango smoothie with rose syrup and milk
Mango Shake is a summer cooler, very healthy and seasonal drink enriched with goodness of milk and mango fruit. In addition to it I have added gulab sharbat to it which is also a health drink. You can also use rooh afza and any other syrup to it. You can use any variety of mango for making shake. Always serve fresh shakes just after making them. Ingredients required and detailed instructions for preparing mango shake are given below:
Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook time: 0minutes
Serves: 2
Mangoes 2
Milk 3 cups
sugar 1/2 tablespoon
gulab sharbat 2 tablespoons
crushed ice 2 tablespoon
Instructions: Peel mangoes roughly chop it.
In a blending jar add milk, sugar and mango pulp, blend till smooth, this will take hardly one minute.
In a serving glass add one table spoon of crushed ice to it, pour 1 teaspoon gulab sharbat over it, carefully and slowly pour mango shake over it, don't mix it. Serve.
Notes: while blending you can add ice cubes to if you like chilled shakes.
You can adjust quantity of sugar depending upon the sweetness of mangoes and your taste, as gulab sharbat is also sweet.

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