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Aloo Papad | Sun Dried Recipes

recipe of making aloo papads with mashed potatoes, sun dried recipe

Aloo Papad
May 22, 2013
Aloo Papad is a method of preserving boiled mashed potatoes. This is a
sundried recipe which is usually prepared in summer season when Sun's heat is
on its peak. Usually aloo papad are deep fried, but you can cook them in
Microwave too by adding save additional oil in the mixture while preparing
papads if you MW them without adding oil they will become dry hence
consuming too much oil in deep frying it is bettor option to add some oil while
preparing .
Ingredients required and detailed instructions for the recipe are as follows.

Prep Time: 2days
Cook time: 5minutes
Serves: 2
Potatoes: 2 kg
salt: 1 teaspoon /kg or according to tasteredchilli powder - 1 teaspoon
cumin seeds -2 teaspoons
fresh chopped coriander- 1 tablespoon
green chillies-6-8 chopped and crushed
mustard oil- 1 tablespoon
Instructions: Boil and peel potatoes,
when they are still warm grate them , grating them after completely cooling will
be difficult.
Add all the spices to it, mix well .apply few drops of oil to the mixture.

Take a small ball of potato mixture.
If you are using papad maker place thin plastic sheet on the lower surface of
machine, apply one drop of oil in the centre, place potato roll over it, cover it
with another plastic sheet press the handle on the upper surface of machine and
potato ball will form the shape of round papad.

If you are using rolling board and pin(chakla and belan) do the same process
as mentioned above. in this method after covering potato ball with plastic
sheet you have to roll out papad as thin as you can with the help of rolling pin .
remove the top plastic sheet take the bottom sheet with papad in you hand and
turn it on the cloth on which you are going to sun dry your papads, gently
press the plastic sheet and remove at once.
Do the process with all the papads.
Sun dry them for 2 days , at the end of day 1 you will be able to easily turn the papads.
store them in an air tight container.Deep fry them when required.Notes: If you want to Microwave them place them on the turntable of Microwave, Micro high them for 40 seconds, after 20 seconds turn them once for proper cooking ( My MW's highest power level is 850 Watts you can adjust the timings according to yours as difference of seconds in cooking may cause food to burn in Microwave.

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