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recipe of making microwave dhokla
Dhokla is world fame Gujrati dish, now available in every part of India and liked by everyone.I am posting the time saving version of this snack. Hope all you enjoy the post.

For Dhokla
Suji or Rawa : one Cup
curd : one cup
eno fruit salt: 1/2 sachet
turmeric: 1/4 tea spoon
Salt : as per taste.
Water: 1 tablespoon or two (required as per consistency of curd)
For tempering:
Oil : 2 teaspoon
mustard Seeds: 1/2 tea spoon
Curry leaves : 8-10
red chilli powder : 1/4 tea spoon
For garnishing:
coriander leaves : 1 table spoon
desecated coconut: 1 table spoon
For Tangy Sauce:
tamrind : lemon sized ball
water : 1/2 cup
green chillies slit: 6-8
roasted cumin powder: 1/2 teaspoon
salt : as per taste.
Soak tamrind in water in microsave container, take rawa in another container. Micro HI for 1 minute, this process will roast the suji and warming  of tamrind will make easy to get pulp from it. You can place both the containers in microwave together.
step by step process of making dhokla in microwave
In a bowl mix togather suji, turmeric, curd salt and water if required. lastly add eno fruit salt mix well and placed the greased tray or container  & micro HI for 3 minutes, give the standing time of 5 minutes.
Let it cool and further cut into desired shapes.
for sauce extract the juice of tamrind, pass it trough stainer, add the remaining ingredients micro HI for 3-4 minutes the sauce will be ready.for tempering: heat oil in a pan add  mustard seeds as they cracle, all curry leaves and red chilli powder pour on the dhokla pieces. garnish it with desecated coconut and coriander leaves.

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  1. it's so nice of u to tell these delicious recipies in a different & easy way. I'll definitly try it .


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