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Amla Jam | Gooseberry Jam

Amla Jam | Gooseberry Jam

recipe of making amla jam
Amla or Gooseberry is rich in Vitamin C and other nutrients.
Homemade Jam is a method of preserving any fruit for further use. I always prefer Homemade Jams to packed one as they are free from artificial color and preservatives.
Today I am sharing with you my recipe of Homemade Gooseberry Jam made with only 3 ingredients.

Preparation Time : 05 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins| Serves :1 small bottle
Recipe Category: Jams | Recipe Cuisine: Indian


amla or gooseberry-15
green cardamom(powdered)-6


  1. Wash amla thoroughly, let them air dry in vegetable strainer for 5 minutes
  2. Place them on the turntable of Microwave, Micro high them for 5 minutes
  3. Give them standing time(time on which food is placed in Microwave after switching it off )
  4. step 1 of making amla jam
  5. Discard seeds of gooseberries and grind them to fine puree
  6. Take a wide pan, add gooseberry puree, sugar and cardamom powder, mix well
  7. cook this mixture on high flame till sugar dissolves(hardly take 2 minutes)
  8. Adjust the flame to medium to low, stirring continuously cook till mixture starts drying up and gooseberries start turning to transparent, this will take approx 12 minutes(during this process instead of stirring continuously you can stir after every 2 minutes but keep eye on it.
  9. step 2 of making gooseberry jam
  10. last 5 minutes of cooking are very important, set the flame to low, take a plate test ( refer to my earlier post of mango jam) if jam passes the test means it is ready else require more cooking time approx 2 minutes. Homemade gooseberry Jam is ready.


Amla has lot of pectin in it hence no need to add pectin. If not using Microwave, you have to boil gooseberries till soft and then grind them to puree, along with boiled water many nutrients drain, you can use that water for kneading chapatti dough or use it in dal. Cooking time will increase this will take approx 40-45 minutes.
Don’t overcook Jam and don’t cook on high flame else it will become hard and sticky and it will be difficult to spread it.
Difference that I have noticed in both cooking methods(boiling or microwaving) is that after microwaving gooseberries remain sour and sufficient amount of sugar is required else Jam tastes sour. If looking for another recipe made from gooseberry, you can also try amla chutney recipe.
If you want to know what more you can do with your microwave please check these microwave oven cooking tips.


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