Friday, May 20, 2011


In today's hurried life it is very difficult to spare time to cook so many dishes in a single day, following the conventional methods. Microwave is a helping hand to me in kitchen . In less time & unsupervised manner, many tasks can be compiled with the help of it. Earlier  I use to make panna in pressurecooker, it took much of time and gas stove was occupied with one vessel.  While using microwave , i can do my other work in kitchen. For making 8 glasses of panna following ingredients are required:
recipe of making panna raw mango summer cooler in microwave
Raw Mangoes: 4 (big size) cut in 2 pieces each and deseeded
Water : 1/2 cup
Cumin seeds : 2 teaspoon
pepper corns: 8-10
black salt: 1/8 teaspoon
white salt: as per taste
sugar:  3 tablespoons
fresh mint leaves:for garnishing
step by step process of making panna

  • Place cumin seeds, peppercorn and black salt on the turntable of microwave on high power for a minute (alternatively while cooking raw mangoes, you can also roast them on turntable)and grind them to fine powder.
  • In a microsafe bowl take raw mangoes and 1/2 cup of water, and micro high for 3 minutes, without sugar(if you are roasting cumin seeds and other masalas with it take them off after 2 minutes else they will get burnt.)
  • add sugar and cook for another 1 minute.give it standing time(microwave is off and in a vessel in which you are cooking is placed in a microwave , with the help of heat in microwave food is cooked for addtional time- it is called standing time) .
  • take off the bowl from MW, let it cool completely.
  • with the help of knife peel the mango pieces.
  • blend the whole mixture with the help of hand blender, strain and mix masala powder
  • At the time of serving in a glass add 1/4 of panna and fill glass with chilled water mix well
  • garnish it with fresh mint leaves.

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